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We're closed right now!

We accept orders between 11:00 till 22:00

But Fridays and Saturdays until 23:00

We're closed right now!
We accept orders between 11:00 till 22:00

We're closed right now!

Wednesday's set
Pomodoro (30cm), any mid-size pizza + Salami (25cm) pizza for free!
Small Pizzas set
Order Salami (25cm) and any 25cm pizza and get Coca-Cola 0,5L for free
Pre Party
Salami (30cm), any pizza (30cm) + Coca-Cola 1,5L
Pizza Party set
Large Salami (40 cm), Taiti (30 cm), any pizza (30 cm) + Coca-Cola 1.5L
Big Pizza Party set
Large Salami (40cm), large Taiti (40cm) any pizza (40cm) + 2x Coca-Cola 1,5L
25 cm
30 cm
40 cm
1. Salami
tomato sauce, cheese, salami
2. Taiti
tomato sauce, cheese, smoked chicken, pineapple
3. Prosciutto
tomato sauce, cheese, ham
4. Margarita
tomato sauce, extra cheese
5. Funghi
tomato sauce, cheese, smoked chicken, mushrooms
6. Vegetariana
tomato sauce, cheese, tomatoes, parmesan cheese, olives
7. Kebab
tomato sauce, cheese, chicken kebab, onions, Tzaziki sauce
8. Capriciosa
tomato sauce, cheese, ham, mushrooms, paprika
9. Pomodoro
tomato sauce, cheese, ham, onions, tomatoes
10. Rustica
tomato sauce, cheese, ham, bacon, pickled onions, corn
11. Čak 4 Čīz
tomato sauce, cheese, feta cheese, mozzarella cheese, blue cheese, parmesan cheese
12. Orto
tomato sauce, cheese, salami, onions, pickles
13. Bandito
tomato sauce, cheese, salami, pickled mushrooms, pickled garlic, paprika, jalapeno pepper
14. Scampi
tomato sauce, extra cheese, extra shrimps, garlic, sour cream
15. Italia
tomato sauce, cheese, salami, tomatoes, mozzarella cheese
16. Curry
tomato sauce, cheese, bacon, stewed pork, pickled paprika, curry-mango sauce
17. BBQ
tomato sauce, cheese, minced pork, red onions, cherry tomatoes, BBQ sauce
Coca-Cola 1,5 L
Cola Zero 1,5 L
Fanta 1,5 L
Sprite 1,5 L
Ledus tēja 1,5 L
Apple juice (Cappy) 1 L
Multifruit juice (Cappy) 1 L
80 ml
80 ml
80 ml
80 ml
80 ml