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We specialize in pizza delivery to your home or office. We strive to be the fastest and deliver the tastiest pizzas still hot. Since 2004 we operate a pizzeria in Pārdaugava. In 2013 our second pizzeria opened in Riga centre, in 2018 - Imanta.

We deliver pizzas almost everywhere in Riga and near Riga. We deliver pizzas in lovely cars, which you should have already noticed in the streets of Riga. Since we started our delivery services, we have attracted many loyal customers. We would be pleased if you join as well!

We would like to tell you about making pizzas. We use a self-made dough. In a low termperature dough is raised in special bowls. Most of the ingredients we receive directly form the producers. We use only fresh ingredients. They are prepared here in our pizzerias. Pizzas are made by hand. Balls of dough are rolled into flat 'pancakes' and covered with tomato sauce and a special cheese for pizzas - Mozarella. We put plenty of cheese, vegetables and other ingredients on our pizzas.

Pizzas are baked in a special ‘tunnel’ oven, made in the USA. We use ovens produced by Lincoln, one of the highest quality ovens for pizzerias. Pizza is placed on a sliding band, and baked with a stream of hot air. A fresh and ready-to-eat pizza slides out from the end of the oven. The method applied by the ‘tunnel’ oven guarantees that pizzas are baked evenly – they will not be burned or half-baked.

After baking, pizzas ar cut and delivered in special thermo-bags. Your pizzas will always be hot, as they are baked shortly before departure to your home or office. Polte and kind Express Pizza couriers will deliver pizzas at your door. The delivery will include tissues and the most recent menu.

If you would like to receive your pizza within 15 minutes, it is possible to pick it up at one of our pizzerias. Please call us in advance to order it.

Bon appetite!